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Leave the complexities of data entry to us. Simply send us the information, and our adept team will take care of the rest. Ensuring accurate and prompt entries, our BPO Data Entry service stands as a testament to our commitment to quality. 

BPO Data Entry is a service where we provide virtual assistance in completing Broker Price Opinion Reports. BPO Data Entry services that we offer are cost-effective and of high quality.  We have good knowledge of BPOs and understand how important a BPO is for a client/lender/bank, customer, and you. All the BPOs processed by us are carefully checked and sent to the client for final review.

"Broker Price Opinion Companies look for quick turnaround time, quality BPOs completed, and fewer clarifications." If you are one of the agents and brokers who is sending quality BPOs with less turnaround time, then you will be receiving more and more BPO Orders from them and will become a premium vendor. By outsourcing BPO Data Entry Services you can save time and increase your business, also expand your business in other real estate fields.

What do we need to complete a BPO Order?

We will need subject information ( Tax Records/MLS), comparable sheets in pdf format, or links from MLS and BPO Website Login.

We enter the subject information and comparable information. We also complete neighborhood information & place appropriate comments comparing subjects and comparables. Once Data entry is completed we upload comparable photos. Once everything is done then we send the final report for you to review. For this the fee, we charge per order is $4. For this service, the turnaround time is within 6-12 hrs. In this service.

Outsourcing BPO Orders will help you save time and increase production and revenue.