BPO Processors (Broker Price Opinion Outsourcing Redefined)

BPO Processors is a company based in Bangalore(India) that offers Broker Price Opinion Outsourcing services at an affordable price. BPO orders completed by us are of high quality. We assist Realtors and Brokers in completing BPO orders that will help them save time and let them expand their business by spending more time on other real estate tasks.

Almost all Broker Price Opinion Companies look for quality reports that are completed with less turnaround time. Based on the quality of the reports completed these BPO companies rate real estate agents and brokers. The higher the rating the higher number of orders the agents and brokers will receive. We at BPO Processors understand the criteria (TAT & Quality) and provide services that will increase the rating/score with these BPO companies. Since 2005 we have completed more than 950,000+ orders through which we have gained much knowledge on completing BPO Orders.

Let it be 1 order or 100 orders in bulk, our team is specialized in completing them within the time frame given by the clients. 

When estimating the property value we consider all aspects of the property(size, location, current market, and condition). If clients want us to pull comparables based on the above-mentioned aspects we complete the BPO orders and after completion, we send the orders back to the client for the final review and submission. We follow all the standards mentioned in BPOSG (BPO Standard Guidelines). 

Please check out the services offered for BPO orders processing.